Serco Global Services has been supporting the Government agencies across countries with BPO Services aimed at streamlining processes, expanding service scale, and increasing productivity in an informed and efficient environment.

Mass Outreach…

We know that Government agencies need the support of informed and scalable resource pools to manage the large citizen base with various service requests, complaints and citizen information processes in an efficient and timely manner. Serco Global Services supports this segment with our experienced people model, expanding delivery network and domain expertise to manage citizens requests across nations.

Success Story....Managing over 2 million calls per year ... Read more
For a government telecom company, we implemented the complete sales to service customer management service suite, supporting over 2 million calls per year in over 15 local dialects.

Operations Enhancement…

Our services in this segment includes Process and Technological enablement through the adoption of analytics and automation, which are aimed at streamlining and enhancing processes in turn delivering high-end services to the large citizen base.

Success Story....Designed and deployed customized IVR, CRM, Search
Engine & Analytics functionality
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For a local government agency, we supported the client in the managing their compliant redressal services by designing and deploying customized IVR, CRM, Search Engine & Analytics functionality to allow citizens to register and follow-up on their grievances.

Insight : Managing citizens of any nation is a full-time job, and Local, State and Federal Government bodies need the scalability and capacity to support the various demands of this segment with informed and dedicated services in a time-bound manner.