Serco About us
Serco Global Services believes in sharing delivery responsibility with our Utility Clients, with 24*7 operations with skilled and empathic workforces, who do their bit in seeing the customer is taken care of in the assigned timeframe.

Higher Customer Responsiveness…

We know this segment needs to be fully staffed at all times to address all forecasted and adhoc situations, and so we always have in place a team of buffer resources trained on processes to ensure service delivery within timelines.

Success Story....First call resolution (FCR) to 70% ... Read more
For a leading Energy Retailer, we implemented Batch-wise monitoring and regular refresher training sessions were conducted to ensure high call quality with improved First call resolution (FCR) to 70%

Supporting Customer Service cycle…

Our services in this segment spans Sales Management, Customer Service Management, Billing & Fulfillment, and Receivables Management Services. Our services are delivered from regional centers that are aligned to the customer base.

Success Story....Improved client SLAs within the first month ...Read more
For a leading Power Utility, we implemented customer services for handling Billing, Queries and Complaints where we delivered improved client SLAs within the first month of operations with the help of process improvement initiatives undertaken

Leaner Operations Model…

We support our clients with process and supply management analysis, techno-business consulting and business transformation initiatives to assess, evaluate, and improve the client’s processes to streamline their processes and gain cost advantages.

Success Story....Reduce the average reporting time from 75 mins to 15
... Read more
For a Leading Energy Client, we performed Trend analysis against past and current data points to identify process and skill-set gaps, and designed improvement solutions like an automated reporting mechanism to reduce the average reporting time from 75 mins to 15 mins.
Insight : Patience can be scarce in the Utilities segment, and with the global customers relying on utilities as necessities to daily life, responsiveness is a highly desired criteria. However, with vast customer bases to cover, Utility providers need a partner to expand their operations network to render timely support to all customers.

With customers no longer dependant on a sole Utility provider, “Customer Loyalty” is a highly valued element in this segment and we understand that for Utility providers to achieve this, they need to be operationally capable of supporting their vast customer base and enhance relationship tenures by always keeping their promises to their customers.