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Serco About us
Serco Global Services is a Global BPO currently supporting various industries with customized services to suite the different customer lifecycle approaches in a fundamentally strong operational environment.

Global Solutions spanning Industries…

We take pride in meeting and exceeding our delivery promise by mirroring and improving the solution approach to arrive at better results.

We involve our Centers of Excellences in setting up every process which is specifically designed for the Industry, Customer Base, & Client, and is compliant with Industry Regulations, Service Best practices and Delivery Benchmarks.

Segments supported by us include:

With the BPO market on an uphill climb, Banking, Finance, Telecom, IT, Travel & Hospitality segments aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the various benefits achievable with this adaptation.

Trends suggest that Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, and Utilities segments are all poised at increasing their BPO involvement and are looking out for an experienced and scalable partner to support their diverse service engagements optimally.

While most BPO services are common to all industries, there are certain regulatory nuances and segment specific customer behaviors that need to be addressed when supporting these diverse markets. Also with the rising number of Global customers, all these segments need the support of Industry specific services in various languages, at multiple time-zones through various contact channels.