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Serco About us
Serco Global Services has built capability in the Telecom segment by continually studying the industry and customer behaviors to design services that are in-sync with the market needs.

Retaining and increasing customer numbers…

We identify and analyze the target segments, assess the customer base, map customer to product/service and design strategies to capture and retain market shares though customer lifecycle services in a multilingual environment.

Along with this, Serco Global Services supports our clients with customer outreach programs that are aimed at up-selling/cross-selling to current customers and reacquiring past customers

Success Story.... Savings of over USD 1.2 million..Read more
For a leading Wireless Services Company, we handle over 200 Million Calls per annum as we support their customers with sales, customer service and retention services. We have further driven multiple process improvements across the operational workflow to deliver savings of over USD 1.2 million to the client.

Customizing interactions…

To effectively manage the customer interactions in this segment, we integrate multiple lines of sales and product trainings, helpdesk trainings, stress management trainings etc to foster long-term customer engagement.

Success Story.... USD 616 Million in Quotes in a year...Read more
For a leading Network Equipment Manufacturing Client, we implemented multiple levels of sales, product and helpdesk Tier I & II trainings to support customer with Quote & After Sales Service Management and Sales Credit Assignment Services. Our efforts in this process have generated over USD 616 Million in Quotes in a year.

Expanding service reach…

We support our clients in setting-up and managing their operations across delivery centers to manage regional customers. We also drive consultancy workshops across client operations to assess and improvise their delivery.

Success Story.... ‘Best Call Centre of the Year 2010’...Read more
For a leading Wireless Services Company, we set-up client operations in over 10 centers targeted at supported regional customers in Asia and Middle East, where we voted ‘Best Call Centre of the Year 2010’ in Best Middle East Call Centre awards ceremony for the client’s Middle Eastern Services Division

Segments supported by us include:

  • Service Providers
    Our expertise in this industry stems from our servicing various global telecom providers in Customer Acquisition, Customer Maintenance, Customer Retention, Loyalty Program Management, Collections, and Consulting Engagements.
  • Equipment Manufacturers
    We support Equipment Manufacturers and Providers with sales & support services including Quote management,, Contract Managed Services, Service Deal Support, Helpdesk support and Sales Credit Assignment.

Insight: Within the Telecom market, competition is high as players barge into star segments with innovative sales techniques to entice customer bases.

Customers are spoilt for choice, and Telecom providers are consistently working out ways to retain their existing customer base while acquiring newer ones.

To manage this, providers need to build their capability in loyalty enriched services, which are enabled only through customization of customer interactions, aligned to individual customer and market segments.