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Serco Global Services’s services in this segment are spread across our global delivery network to support end-customers in culturally aligned environments to engage them more satisfactorily.

Reaching global customers…

We partner with our clients to deploy service delivery across countries to support their need for linguistic and cost-productive BPO operations.

Success Story....Supporting services in English, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, and Polish
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For a leading Global Online Travel Client, we leveraged our delivery network across US, Guatemala, Poland ,India and our At-Home-Agents to support their global customer with Sales, Reservations, Fulfillment and Finance & Accounting services in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, and Polish.

Servicing different customer requests...

We know that the level of interaction in this segment needs to be helpful, friendly, and informative, and we have designed specialized service desks to manage the individual requirements optimally.

Success Story.... Reduced issues & escalation by 50% and increased
their sales by 30%
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For a leading Global Travel Company, we implemented specialized desks including Reservation Desks, Concierge Desks, Loyalty Desks, Destination Planning Desks, Retention & Resolution Desks, Baggage Desk etc which improved the operations productivity by over 40%, and for a Leading Cargo Company this desk specialization reduced issues & escalation by 50% and increased their sales by 30%

Supporting operations in every scenario…

We regularly conduct People Forecasting and Need Assessment exercises to ensure continual service delivery to all client processes. We ensure buffer pool of agents to cater to volume fluctuations and integrate trainings such as role-plays, time management, stress management etc to manage the different customer situations

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For a Leading Passenger Railways Client, Serco Global Services supported their operations during a Disaster Situation when they were flooded with panic calls which were 200% of the forecasted volumes. We called on all buffers on the floor, and ran back-to-back agent shifts with trainers running floor walks to help agents deal with panic stricken customers appropriately.

Segments supported by us include:

  • Travel Companies
    Serco Global Services supports Online Travel Agencies with Customer Lifecycle Management for managing their front-mid and back office functions. As part of this service offering, Serco Global Services leverages our multi-lingual multi-site delivery capability to effectively meet end-customer requirements
  • Passenger Transportation
    Serco Global Services supports Air, Road, Rail, Sea Passenger Transportation Companies with Customer Interaction services from Enquires, Bookings, Confirmations, Schedule updating-uploading, Journey Planning, Loyalty programs, and Complaint management functions in a multi-cultural environment
  • Cargo & Logistics
    Serco Global Services supports Cargo and Logistics Carriers across Air, Road, Rail, and Sea modes with Enquiries, Shipment bookings, Tracking & Tracing services, Account Management, and Complaint Management services
  • Hospitality
    Serco Global Services supports Hospitality Companies with Reservations/Sales, Confirmations, Modifications, Cancellation Services, Loyalty Program & C-SAT Management, Priority Desk Services, GDS Helpdesk in multi-lingual environments.
Insight: With buyers market on the rise, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality providers are looking at various avenues to attract and retain customers. A noted factor responsible for building trust in this industry is the level of camaraderie between the client and the customer.

With sourcing and loyalty dependant on the customer interaction, clients need to ensure effective information dissemination through friendly mediums to ensure customer satisfaction.