our people
Serco About us
We believe people are the reason a program surpasses expectations, and Serco Global Services takes on the role of a mentor in supporting our people as they support us.

Focused Hiring…

We believe in putting in that extra effort in seeding candidates whose caliber will not only drive but enhance the results consistently. Our recruitment strategies are designed to promote equal opportunity as we screen the best talent to support our clients’ engagement. Our hiring and screening processes focuses on resource qualifications, skill sets, experiences, aptitude and background information which are individually mapped to our client’s requirements.

Driving Empowerment…

Our workforce is constantly subjected to up-skill trainings that would positively impact the service delivery; and we nurture talent by counseling our resources, sponsoring their ambitions and deploying trainings such as time management, team management, stress management etc ,aimed at helping them balance their personal and professional goals effectively.

Joining Forces…

Our resources take equal responsibility in meeting the client ‘s success criterions, which we ensure by designing and deploying skill enhancement and job enrichment roadmaps enabling employee satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment in keeping our promises as a team.
Serco Global Services takes pride in our people achievements and strives to engage them in a healthy and happy work environment, proof of which is given in our rating amongst “Best Places to Work for” by Economic Times 4 years in a row

We strive to align our HR practices to enrich our people capabilities, proof of which is witnessed in our winning Asia’s Best Employer award for 'Best CEO with HR Orientation’ 'Award for Talent Management‘ ‘Award for Excellence in HR through Technology'