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For building strong process workflows, we believe in supporting our clients in all phases of their requirement cycle

Digitization Solutions…

Every process is made up of various factors which contribute to the client’s success in delivering results. One of these is the technology enablement across aspects of the workflow. While most industries have competitive solutions that offer such enablement, there is always a need for more personalised features to effectively integrate this solution within the process workflow.

To support clients with this, we have aligned our digitization team, to design, develop and improvise custom tools for client specific processes. We have developed over 450 tools for various clients, some of which include:

  • I-Resolve
    Our in-house CRM, originally developed for providing a cost effective solution for a Travel client, has been customized to be the Indian Government’s CRM of choice for managing the UIDAI program for gathering and reporting on information for 1.2 million residents. This tool has been customized for several other clients in the BFSI and T&H domain, where mobile based ticket tracking, Updations and reporting has been integrated as necessitated.
  • I-Cube
    Our in-house Collections platform which tracks and updates status of collections, with added option to automate IVR and Credit Card payments directly , through systems integration.
  • I-Decision
    Our in-house Decision Tool, developed for our Healthcare client, to automate the denial to action plan management process
  • I-Credit
    Our in-house Credit Management platform, designed for our Credit Bureau client for Member Management, Disputes & Disclosures Management and Reporting ..

All our homegrown tools are open-ended and can be integrated into multiple process architectures as required by the client.

While we manage primarily the service segment of a client process, we have extended our capability over the years to support our clients in designing and implementing customized tools for enabling their overall process, Proof of our partnering commitment to drive client’s technology performance is witnessed in our winning the TMC CRM excellence award for in-house tools deployment 3 years in a row.