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Serco About us
We believe in designing fundamentally strong organizational frameworks that imbibe Six Sigma, Lean and COPC, and industry accredited methodologies, enabling our clients to deliver capabilities that are on par, if not exceeding industry benchmarks.

Assessing & Enhancing processes…

Serco Global Services partners with our clients to conducts preliminary analysis to map current workflows, identify problem areas, analyze root causes, and design work-around and/or transformative solutions that will drive operational efficiency and productivity.

We leverage our domain and process expertise in supporting our clients with Strategic Advisory, Automation/Shared Service Advisory, Operations Optimization, and Outsourcing Advisory services that would enhance their throughput.

Success Story....Savings of over 40%... Read more
For a client, we deployed an end-to-end partnership model, starting from assessment of current processes, building Target operating model, designing program plans, developing transition models to cater to every possibility, identifying risks and designing mitigants into process framework, and supporting the client with the complete implementation, generating savings of over 40% while transitioning the new process in less than 6 months.

Delivering on Human Capital investment…

Given human capital typically represents the largest investment in organizations, our expertise helps clients get the maximum value and returns from their people and people processes.

Our services support clients in designing, and reengineering their people strategy and values through HR and Organizational wide assessments and consulting workshops, as we design and develop more effective strategies for improved people models.

Further, our experienced research and sourcing teams also work with the clients to identify and define role specific profiles, as well as help them source these candidates with our proprietary sourcing methodology for fostering intellectual growth in the client universe.

Success Story....Reduced attrition by 1.8% per month... Read more
For a client looking for improved sourcing and retention performance, we assessed the current people process model, and implemented certain industry based HR practices, introduced early warning systems, and 1-0-1s along with more detailed employee satisfaction surveys developed through trained psychologist that reduced attrition by 1.8% per month.

Services provided include:

  • Organization Design & Process Consulting
    We help our clients in assessing the effectiveness of the current organization model and drill down factors impairing performance as compared to industry benchmarks, as we collaborate with the client design a more efficient system that would support the client current and future goals, such as:

    • Developing Business Process Management Systems ( BPMS) to build client process foundation for enhanced operations;
    • Managing Human Capital by supporting clients in recruitment, training and retaining talent, Developing & implement performance management systems ,
    • Enabling the development of operations and leadership resources;
    • Analyzing processes to identify potential gaps & issues;
    • Designing and implementing Change programs to enhance productivity & quality or reduce operating costs;
    • Applying statistical modeling techniques to devise and implement cost-effective sales and collections strategies;
    • Building operational excellence by benchmarking processes to industry best-practices and standards.
  • Human Resource Consulting
    We support our clients with HR Consulting services to assess their current people state including people profiles, psychometric analysis, talent development programs, retention rate, etc. Our services extend to analysis of current state and development of new HR strategies to drive people and people process performance across the client organization.
  • Talent Acquisition
    We support clients with their need for specific and critical skill-set assistance through the timely design of an efficient and cost effective research strategy. Our NAME GENERATION Sourcing methodology is used to extract key individuals within defined targets, from the individual contributor all the way up to the Executive level.
  • Risk & Resilience Management
    Our team of Risk and Resilience specialists supports various industries with risk and contingency management inherent in complex organizations. With our combines experience working with government accredited standards, we use diagnostic assessments to identify key interventions in support of the plan, prepare, protect, respond, & recover cycle for managing the delivery of critical infrastructure and services.
  • Outsourcing Advisory
    We support our clients in understanding their need for outsourcing, as we assess their current process, delivery model and cost components through process analysis, Location Analysis, Offshore Assessment, and Cost Benefit analysis, to design and implement the Right Outsourcing Model for them.
  • Business Transformation
    We aid clients in analyzing and re-channeling their resources for a more productive lifespan without disrupting the corporate vision and goals, by designing and implementing process re-engineering, organizational development/learning, Total Quality Management and IT enablement strategies to drive business performance.

“There is always opportunity to improve every aspect of delivery, and when working in the current competitive environment, every advantage is worth pursuing”.

For clients to keep pace with market leaders, they need to evolve their processes and break-out of the “tried and tested” methodology that they have been implementing for years. This is achievable when the client is given an impartial view of “Where they stand with reference to Industry Benchmarks”, “ What do they need to modify to catch up”, “How do they need to go about it”, and “How will they measure it”.