Contact Center Services
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Although industry behaviors differ , basic customer requirements for contact center services still remain the same; These include Informative & Pleasant Interactions, Responsiveness, Helpfulness, Timeliness, and Resolutions etc.

Serco Global Services factors in these base requirements into all our contact center processes by deploying customer-focused operations to drive customer satisfaction metrics across every process.

Handpicked Talent…

Serco Global Services staffs our contact center operations with resources that possess skill-sets and personality types that are aligned to the customers need. For example: Persuasive agents to manage Sales Processes, Empathic agents to manage Service processes, Assertive agents to manage Recovery processes etc.

Success Story....Improved turn-around-time to 98%... Read more
For a client process dealing with senior citizens, we recruited soft-spoken , patient and empathic agents whose customer management skills were enhanced by training them in dealing with senior citizens at old-age homes, Improving turn-around-times to 98%

Delivery across Channels & Geographies…

Our contact center services cater to customers through Voice, IVR, Chat, Email and Social media channels. These services are supported in various languages from multiple delivery centers that are aligned to the customer base and time zone.

Success Story....Process over 4 million interactions in 5 languages...
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For a global client we implemented customer service and sales service desks across voice, email, and chat channels in multiple languages from our delivery centers in US, Guatemala, Poland and India. Currently we process over 4 million interactions in 5 languages.

Process Excellence…

Our contact center operations incorporate service best practices and learnings that are transposed across all processes ensuring consistent service delivery irrespective of the delivery channel and locations.

These processes follow recruitment, training and operational workflows mapped to the customer requirements, that are monitored vigilantly to drive metrics and enhance service delivery.

Success Story....Improved Yield Performance by 50%. ...
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For a global client, we implemented multiple consulting workshops for improving the process metrics, some of which included deployment of COPC framework, restructuring the trainings, and people management initiatives that improved yield performance by 50%, reduced learning curve by 30% and reduced peak call abandonment by 70%.

Our contact center services range across the customer lifecycle, which include:

  • Customer Acquisition
    To build market shares, it is important to target customer segments with customized sales offerings which would appeal to the customer’s sensibility.

    Serco Global Services supports industries with segment-driven programs/campaigns to acquire customers, prove credibility, and build loyalty. Some of these campaigns include Lead Generation, Tele-Sales, Up-Sell / Cross-Sell, Proactive Chats/Social Media Interactions etc. All these campaigns are designed only after analyzing the customer segment and identifying the primary needs of the customers.

    Further Serco Global Services also runs certain customer-reacquisition programs to reinforce credibility in past customers and regain lost market shares.

  • Customer Maintenance
    Customers need individual attention, and Serco Global Services designs processes to ensure customers always feel prioritized during every interaction.

    Serco Global Services supports voice, email, chat, and social media interaction channels, where in we manage Customer Enquiries, Reservation/Sale Status (Confirmations, Modifications/Amendments, Cancellations, Up-gradations, Delivery), Customer Services, Technical/Service Helpdesks, Account Management, Loyalty Program Management and Priority Desks

  • Customer Retention
    To ensure retention of customer bases, Serco Global Services has designed and implemented multiple retention programs aimed at specific customer and complaint segments, after conducting root cause analysis to understand the areas of concern.

    Such programs include interactions over customer’s preferred channel (e.g. chat/social media), addressing concerns with up-to-date information dissemination, Keeping the customer informed on status of enquiry/complaint/ticket, Designing deals with clients to meet customer’s requested need, Retention & Resolution Desks, Customer Satisfaction Surveys Administration and Analysis, and Outreach programs to share new deals/discounts to improve brand recall/loyalty with customer.
  • Collections
    Serco Global Services has effectively managed recoveries along ranges of delinquent accounts across industries including Banking, Mortgage, Credit Card, and Debt Buyer Institutions amongst others. Serco Global Services’s services spans across: Early-Mid State Collections, Debt Management, Charge-Offs, Inventory Management (Account Segmentation & Prioritization, Skip Tracing, and Scrubbing & Lettering), Dialer Strategies development, and Reporting & Analytics.

    Serco Global Services’s collections processes are compliant with FDCPA, FCRA, FACTA and GLB, which focus on driving collections performance with adaptive collection strategies and enhancing productivity with customized people and delivery models.

Customers’ perception of a provider is very important in the service segment, and with varying sensibilities to look after, providers need a large and educated resource pool to manage customer interactions with services that would increase provider credibility, ensuring repeat business.