Back-Office Services
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In delivering any service, back-office processing amounts for a large percentage of the workload, requiring skilled resources, efficient systems and benchmarked delivery frameworks, which tend to tie-up client resources.

Serco Global Services works with our client to jointly manage back-office service delivery against benchmarked standards.

Delivery Partnership…

Serco Global Services supports our clients with productive operational environments which leverage our skilled Workforce group and Center of Excellences for managing various back-office functions.

Success Story....Savings of over 20 weeks of trainings... Read more
For a client, we implemented a multi-delivery environment, where we harnessed skilled resources from our centers and At-Home-Agent network., resulting in savings of over 20 weeks of trainings.

Optimizing functions…

Since these processes are usually time-consuming and require additional technological and operational advantages to ensure delivery in a time-bound manner, Serco Global Services leverages our Digitization, Consulting and Best practices team for every service engagement to drive Performance & Productivity improvement initiatives, while increasing process efficiency

Success Story....Improved Utilization by 30%... Read more
For a client, we implemented multiple process assessment workshops to identify bottlenecks, cost and productivity leakage areas. To support the overall process, we deployed our in-house digitization tools for workflow management, Capacity Planning and for Capturing Audit Trail ,in turn improving utilization by 30%

Serco Global Services supports our diverse client portfolio with services spanning industries and markets, including:

  • Data Conversion, Imaging & Indexing Services
    We offers Data Entry and OCR/ICR services. This includes capturing of identified data from any media (paper, electronic file, images, CD, microfilm, email and audio) and digitizing it on a mass scale using manual methods, automated readers, OCR, ICR, OMR, bar code readers etc. to produce the required output format at the desired accuracy
  • Account Management
    We manage the customer account operations spanning from Account Opening/Registration, Updations, Modifications, Closures, Bill Generation, to Reporting

  • Data Management & Processing
    We manage Data Entry, Imaging & Indexing, Data Verification & Validation, Application/Transaction Processing, Workflow Management and Database Reporting ,
  • Mortgage Services
    We manage various mortgage functions including Data Entry, Indexing, Assessments, Underwriting, Servicing, Rate Switches, Redemptions, and Completions
  • Credit Bureau Services
    We manage various Credit related functions including Membership Management, Data Submission & Process Management, Disputes, Disclosures, Account Maintenance, and Fraud Management.
  • Travel & Hospitality Services
    We manage various back-office functions for the T&H industry including Contract Loading & Fulfillment, Rate Loading, Revenue Management, Yield Management, Reservations Management, Loyalty Program Administration & C-SAT Analysis
  • Healthcare Services
    We manage various functions for Healthcare Institutions which include Provider Member Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Reimbursement Services , & Medical Coding.
  • Yellow Page Publisher Services/ White Pages Directory Services
    We provides yellow and white page keying services, E-Book creation, sales lead sheets, marketing reports, directory delivery verification, sales call appointment setting and other services to yellow page directory publishers.

Clients are always running against the clock to meet numbers, score, customer requirements etc. In such an environment, clients need a capable partner to handle the back-office services while they take care of their front office and core functions.