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Serco About us
Serco Global Services is a nurturing organization, and is committed towards the well being and growth of our employees within their work and personal lives. It is our privilege to be home to some of the best minds in the service industry and we work on transcribing their learnings into structured trainings that empower our people with the building blocks to excel in their endeavors.

Mentoring …

We take on a mentorship approach with our people and believe in hiring the skill and refining the potential to excel in all aspects of life. We take an active interest in our people’s ambitions by creating open communication channels for gathering feedback and understanding needs to build a more enriching work environment.


We believe in our people’s capabilities and along with trainings we take a “teach by example approach” to motivate our people to be the best they can be. We have quarterly and yearly award programs that recognize outstanding performers and inspire their peers to follow suite.


We have an open-culture policy where we endorse our people to voice their opinions through one-on-one interactions, discussion forums, skip meetings etc. Our Learning & Development team analyzes all opinions and drives initiatives to nurture and empower our people within the organization.
We are a fair-play, equal-opportunity organization, and have a no tolerance attitude for discrimination of any kind.

Serco Global Services has in place multiple employee feedback forums where our people come together to share their feedbacks and concerns with their peers, supervisors and management who work as a team to identify improvement areas, and design individual career paths for our people to reach their desired ambitions.