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Serco About us
Serco Global Services believes in grooming talent and preparing them for their next role in their working environment. We believe in supporting our people as they reach for their ambitions, and work with them to develop career paths that would lead them to their goal.

Continual Learning…

We foster continuous learning and development amongst our workforce by conducting regular Competency Gap Analysis mapped to their individual career paths. These analysis are utilized to design and implement focus trainings to up-skill and endorse our resources to make headway towards their desired goal.  

Competency Development…

We implemented the certain base trainings to accredit our workforce with the competencies needed to grow in the organization, these include: STEP – Strive Towards Excellence Program (For agent to team leader (TL) promotions)
LEAD – Leadership Excellence Accreditation & Development (For TL to team manager promotions)  

Accelerated Career Growth…

Our STEP and LEAD programs are part of our Accelerated Career Growth Program, that empower our resources with knowledge, skill and attitudes, through class- room discussions, case studies, role –plays etc as they guide them towards excelling towards their projected path. Higher Education Endorsement… We believe in supporting our people ‘s ambitions and partner with various educational bodies to allow our people to achieve their educational goals (MBAs, diplomas etc) as they work and grow with Serco Global Services.
At Serco Global Services, an estimated 80-90% of our promotions to middle management are result of our Accelerated Career Growth Programs.

We believe in investing in our people, and support their goals as we refine their potential and provide them a platform to excel and grow with us..