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Serco Global Services supports multinational and domestic companies with a range of services customized to support the steadily expanding and demanding Indian market .

Our dedicated India delivery network spread across most Indian States is aligned to manage this diverse customer segment with responsive, quality and economical services.

We are currently the reigning leader in BPO services across India, and are constantly upgrading our portfolio to effectively partner with our clients in servicing this vast customer base.

Consider the 1.21 billion population and the caliber of a provider needed to effectively service this entire segment.
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Serco Global Services dominates this market, proven by our involvement in supporting the UIDAI program with Contact Center and CRM services.

The UIDAI is equivalent to the SSN/NINO/NIN/DNI- National Identification Number. The UIDAI program is an initiative lead by the Indian Government to assign a Unique National Identification Number to each resident of this nation, which encapsulates the personal and biometrics details, which will be used for efficient delivery of welfare services.

Serco Global Services manages the entire Customer Lifecycle from entry into the system, data collation, modification etc into our in-house developed CRM platform I-Resolve to manage the high volumes of data transacted daily across India.

We developed this tool to cater to the national audience, and in turn not only won client appreciation but the prestigious 2011 CRM Excellence award from TMC.
The Indian Telecom is the fastest growing market with over 850 Million subscribers in 2010 and a projection of over 1.2 billion subscribers by 2013. This market is 2nd only to China in terms of size.
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Serco Global Services services a major share of this market with a dedicated industry resource pool of over 11,000 people across 17 delivery centers in India. To service the expanding market, Serco Global Services supports our clients in over 15 languages in retaining and expanding their market share with customer acquisition, retention, and reacquisition services.

The key to maximizing liquidation levels is to tailor a collections strategy specific to the particular needs of a client and the debt they are trying to collect
Serco Global Services positions our domain experience in this segment to benefit our client as much as possible Read More…
Serco Global Services positions our domain experience in this segment to benefit our client as much as possible. We draw on our years of experience to tailor collections processes with the goal of recovering as much debt from as many accounts as possible

We have enabled multiple Fortune 500 companies including Credit Card Providers, Retail & Manufacturing, Utility Providers etc to recovery debts across their balance bands. We design collection strategies ranging from early to late party collections that are aligned to the customer and industry segment, by leveraging customer analytics, 1000 + collection agents, dialer campaigns etc to recover maximum debts from customers through assertive communication and customized payment plans. Using these methods, we have successfully ensured up to 85% recoveries of early stage credit card balances.

Here customers are partial to providers who provide doorstep delivery services, and with over a billion customers to serve, providers need access to a large on-field workforce.
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We have one of the widest Feet-On-Street (FOS) workforce network of over 800 agents across India, who support clients in Customer Acquisition, Verification Services, Referral Case Management, Collections Services, and Retention Support Services

India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world, and with multinational players zoning in on this expanding customer base, there is a need for a globally attuned partner to service this large segment in-accordance with global standards.
Here customers are spoilt for choice, and so demand requirements are more heightened with customers mandate for “fastest, cheapest, and best service delivery”, which is a determinant factor of their loyalty quotient.
Providers in this segment need access to high quality- cost-productive- customer oriented operational models which can support this large and demanding market..