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Loyalty Product Marketing

Serco BPO is a pioneer in the field of Loyalty Programme Marketing

We have designed and implemented loyalty programs for some of the leading companies in the world in the Hospitality, Airlines and Consumer Goods industries. We provide consultancy services and back office support for all aspects related to loyalty programme marketing including:
  • Needs analysis and expected business benefit from a loyalty programme.
  • Loyalty programme design.
  • Identifying and developing customer perceived benefit.
  • Creating the "currency" - points system.
  • Breakage Factor and Perceived Value Analysis.
  • Assessing alliance partners and exchange matrix.
  • Risk analysis.
Serco BPO is able to provide integrated loyalty solutions together with fulfillment wherever geographically possible. We are focused toward helping organisations increase and retain their customer base through consumer loyalty programmes. Today, loyalty marketing goes well beyond the concept of “points and prizes”, programmes must have an impact both on customer behaviour (retention, increasing average spend, cross-selling) and attitude (word-of-mouth, brand loyalty).

Serco BPO has expertise in:
  • B2B Loyalty Programmes.
  • B2C Loyalty Programmes and
  • Incentive & Motivational Programmes.
Of course any well designed programme requires customer support and Serco BPO has experience assisting clients with:
  • Customer Service - Voice & Web
  • Promise Fulfillment
  • Merchandising
  • Redemption Processing
  • Software & Systems Support
  • Software development
  • Customised and ad-hoc programming
If you are thinking of implementing a Loyalty Programme or if you already have a programme in place and would like to improve your fulfillment capabilities, Serco BPO is ready to be your partner and advisor.